Monday, November 29, 2010

Good News

     This afternoon we received an email from our social worker. She mailed off our home study today! Woo-hoo! She said she expects to have it back sometime next week and will get the copies to us! Whew, its been a long time coming just to get to this point!
      Over the weekend I was thinking about November being National Adoption Month. There are 147 million orphans world wide, 4.8 million in Ethiopia, where we're planning to adopt from, and the list could go on, country by country, including the U.S..
     Anyway, a while ago I wrote about the path to adoption and how long its been on my heart, at least as an adult. I think God planted the seed way before the experience at the Jamaican Christian Boys Home though. When I was five years old, my favorite childhood movie came out, The Rescuers, by Disney. I think it still remains one of my all time favorites. Maybe you've seen it, the little orphan girl, Penny, alone in the orphanage, talking to Rufus, the cat, longing to be adopted, to have a family pick her. Penny is kidnapped by Madame Medusa and the story goes on to tell how mice from The Rescue Aid Society go to find her and help her escape. In the end, she is chosen to be adopted by a family.
     Then in my teen years, I was introduced to another orphan in the Anne of Green Gable's books. I loved them. I read the whole set, more than once and watched the movies. Anne is still one of my favorite characters.
     I can't help but reflect on these stories and the impact they had on me as I grew up. I look forward to the stories of my own kids and the impact their lives will have. So, bring on the next part of this process!

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